Mojo – Auto Folding Splitting Travel Mobility Scooter

$4,490.00 $3,990.00

The Mojo has finally arrived. This super light weight remote control auto folding travel mobility scooter incorporates innovative cutting edge design features. The Mojo is a lightweight scooter in one piece, but you have the option to quickly and easily split the scooter for really easy and light lifting into the car boot


The Mojo: This scooter can easily split in two for easy light weight lifting into the car boot!

  • Strong light weight magnesium frame
  • Auto folding via remote control
  • Auto folding via switch on console
  • Can split in two in seconds for easy super lightweight lifting into the car
  • Telescopic and angle adjustable tiller
  • Comfortable inflatable air cushion seat
  • Flip up armrests, height adjustable
  • Plane safe lithium batteries
  • Speed control dial
  • Front headlights
  • Key switch
  • Pull along when fully folded like a travel suitcase
  • Sophisticated LCD panel displays speed and temperature, etc
  • Colour option: red, blue, aqua, gun-gray, yellow

Full Specifications

  • Folded Size:                510 mm x 497 mm x 690mm
  • Unfolded Size:           1010 mm x 497 mm x 935
  • Safe Gradient:            0-12
  • Turning Radius:        1.4m
  • Max Capacity:            125kg
  • Max drive distance:  15km
  • Max Speed:                 0-6 km/hr
  • Motor:                          24v 120w
  • Lithium Battery:        24v 10ah
  • Driving system:          Rear wheel drive via transaxle
  • Tyres:                            Honeycomb
  • Charger:                       24v 2.5ah
  • Brake system:             Electromagnetic brakes
  • Weight:                        Heaviest part 14.6 kg
  • Colour option:              Red, blue, aqua, gun-gray, yellow