Mojo – Auto Folding Splitting Travel Mobility Scooter


The Mojo has finally arrived. This super light weight remote control auto folding travel mobility scooter incorporates innovative cutting edge design features. The Mojo is a lightweight scooter in one piece, but you have the option to quickly and easily split the scooter for really easy and light lifting into the car boot

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The Mojo: This scooter can easily split in two for easy light weight lifting into the car boot!

  • Strong light weight magnesium frame
  • Auto folding via remote control
  • Auto folding via switch on console
  • Can split in two in seconds for easy super lightweight lifting into the car
  • Telescopic and angle adjustable tiller
  • Comfortable inflatable air cushion seat
  • Flip up armrests, height adjustable
  • Plane safe lithium batteries
  • Speed control dial
  • Front headlights
  • Key switch
  • Pull along when fully folded like a travel suitcase
  • Sophisticated LCD panel displays speed and temperature, etc
  • Colour option: red, blue, aqua, gun-gray, yellow

Full Specifications

  • Folded Size:                510 mm x 497 mm x 690mm
  • Unfolded Size:           1010 mm x 497 mm x 935
  • Safe Gradient:            0-12
  • Turning Radius:        1.4m
  • Max Capacity:            125kg
  • Max drive distance:  15km
  • Max Speed:                 0-6 km/hr
  • Motor:                          24v 120w
  • Lithium Battery:        24v 10ah
  • Driving system:          Rear wheel drive via transaxle
  • Tyres:                            Honeycomb
  • Charger:                       24v 2.5ah
  • Brake system:             Electromagnetic brakes
  • Weight:                        Heaviest part 14.6 kg
  • Colour option:              Red, blue, aqua, gun-gray, yellow