Travelling from A to B with mobility issues has never been easier than with one of our lightweight folding travel mobility scooters, or portable folding electric wheelchairs. Travel by car, train, cruise, airline – the choice is yours. Experience the convenience and freedom of one of our portable travel scooters or folding electric wheelchairs today. We stock the best quality and design in each category that offer the user clear benefits over others.

Folding Travel Mobility Scooters

Take these folding mobility scooters with you on a cruise, plane, or in the boot of your car. They are lightweight, fold easily, compact and highly portable. These scooters are powered by a lithium battery and can be wheeled along like a travel suitcase when fully folded.

Freedom Chair Electric Folding Wheelchairs

Now nine models in the Freedom Chair range to suit individual user needs. Including easy to lift splitter models DE08 Premium Lite and DE08L Premium Lite Sport. Take these folding power chairs wherever you go. These portable electric wheelchairs fold in a second, are compact and lightweight. There’s sure to be a model to suit you. Ideal for travel.

“Great chair to travel the world especially the ability to split in two to carry into our standard balcony cabin on the 107 day 2019 World Cruise with Princess, Sydney to Sydney. The chair coped with everything we put it through, steep gangplanks, cobblestone streets, hills, grass, trains, buses, taxis and we never got anywhere near running out of battery power. My wife finds it very comfortable to sit in and easy to control.” Kevin Sydney   Read more Testimonials…

Light Weight
Easy to Fold
Easy to Transport
Ideal for Travel
Easy to Operate

Best in the category
Lithium battery powered
Top quality and design
Pre purchase trials available
Australia wide after sales service
Free delivery

Now in stock! The New Genie Lite super lightweight folding mobility scooter, with suspension...

“ I am enjoying rediscovering my independence with the Freedom Chair – it is a credit to its designer and manufacturer. Portable Mobility are a joy to deal with” Read more Testimonials…

In home demonstration scooter or chair set up and training is available in most areas

Call us for details: 1300 760 071

“It is the best portable electric wheelchair I have seen on the market. 5 out of 5 for quality service and product!” Read more Testimonials…

Freedom Chair Ultrasmart Sport A13 Arrives

The new Freedom Chair Ultrasmart Sport A13 model has arrived. This stylish auto folding electric wheelchair is incredibly smart. Control this electric folding wheelchair remotely and bring the chair to your position, including folding and unfolding function. All using the convenience of your mobile phone. This stylish high performance folding power chair is the latest […]

New Genie Lite – the super lightweight manual fold with suspension

New Gene Lite travel mobility scooter has just arrived! The New Genie Lite is the latest advanced lightweight folding mobility scooter. It effortlessly blends style and comfort with great user performance and functionality. Comes with a full magnesium alloy frame for super lightweight, and rear suspension for added comfort. This quality and stylish portable mobility scooter offers […]

Choosing a Portable Mobility Scooter or Powerchair ?

Folding travel mobility scooters and electric folding wheelchairs are much lighter and compact and can easily be transported for travelling. This opens up tremendous opportunities to get around with much greater independence than before. Shopping trips in the car become much easier, and a cruise or flight overseas suddenly becomes much more accessible. From our experience over the years, this form of travel mobility can be truly life changing for the user.

Both the travel scooters and portable chairs perform the same basic essential function – moving around easily from A to B. Scooters are most suited where the user finds walking distances challenging and too difficult. And the chairs are the way to go for users that lack upper body strength and mechanical body movement. But there is a big crossover and sometimes it comes down to personal choice.

As you do your research, you’ll find It’s better to choose a travel mobility device that is a one – piece folding design. Much easier than having to put it together and dismantle all the time which can be very cumbersome especially when travelling. It needs to be lightweight, well designed and strong, fold easily and quickly, comfortable and robust, and come with a good quality lithium battery. Make sure the lithium battery is under 300 w/h and has a valid MSDS so it can be taken on the plane.

The mobility device should meet Australian Standards and for greater peace of mind choose one that is TGA registered.

We have dealers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Gold Coast, and many regional areas. Please call us on: 1300 760  071 

*  Don’t forget to check out our Freedom Chair DE08 Series, Premium Lite and Premium Lite Sport that split in two for easy, light lifting into the car. They literally split in seconds. A video that shows how this is done is on the product description page and the blog page. These chairs are the only ones in Australia that split for easy lifting!

We are a registered NDIS Provider

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