Luggie Portable Mobility Scooter – Four Models To Chose

There are now four models of the top selling Luggie Travel Scooter to chose from:

  • Standard Luggie
  • Luggie Elite
  • Luggie Eco
  • Luggie Super

They all fold in the same fashion and have the same essential functionality. Standard Luggie was the first model released by the manufacturer Freerider. Later came Luggie Elite which has a higher weight capacity compared to Standard Luggie, it also comes with armrests and has extra features like a more powerful motor and longer range battery. Then Luggie Eco was introduced to suit people on a tight budget. The main difference is that Eco has heavier lead acid batteries, compared to lightweight lithium batteries. These three models all weigh the same without the battery, about 23.5kg. The lithium battery weighs 2kg, Lead acid batteries 10kg. Then finally Luggie Super was released which is wider than the other models, providing extra comfort with a bigger seat, and extra leg room. Luggie Super is slightly heavier coming in at 26 kg. Luggie Super is suitable for the bigger person with a weight capacity of 163kg.

After checking the respective model┬áspecifications, if you’re a little confused, call us on: 1300 760 071