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New Atlas 4 Portable Scooter Hoist Coming Soon

We have recently been appointed Australian distributors on a portable car boot hoist that will revolutionize the way scooters and wheelchairs are lifted into the car.

The Atlas 4 Portable Car Hoist is an amazing hoist that can lift up to 40kg and does not require any modification to your car.

It is ideal for those who struggle to lift their mobility scooter or wheelchair into the car and do not want to permanently modify their car.

It is very competitively priced compared to permanent car hoists.

The Atlas 4 hoist is lightweight and portable, easy to assemble and allows the user to take it away on holiday or use in more than one car.

The Atlas 4 portable hoist will be available soon.


Atlas 4 hoist image


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Freedom Chair Now Available Locally in All States and Territories Throughout Australia

With the appointments of additional re-sellers in Darwin NT and Tasmania the Freedom Chair range of lightweight folding powered Wheelchairs comprising six quality models, is now available in all states and territories in Australia. Contact us for details regarding local service in these areas: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Townsville, Cairns, Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, NSW Central Coast, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Mandurah, Darwin, and throughout Tasmania

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Expanding Service Area

We now have distributors and dealers in most capital cities around Australia specializing in our range of folding mobility scooters and lightweight folding electric wheelchairs. This includes Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and many regional areas. Call us for details: 1300 760 071 – Your Travel Mobility Specialists!

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New Freedom Chair DE08 Premium Lite Arrives

Don’t break your back trying to lift your portable power wheelchair into the car. The recently launched Freedom Chair DE08 series Premium Lite Chairs have just arrived. These are a gamechanger in the portable power chair sector. Based on the popular A08 Freedom Chair they have the extra feature of easy lifting into the car. The engineers came up with an ingenious design to make them easier to lift. To achieve this the drive segment and frame can easily and quickly be separated when you need to. It literally only takes a few seconds to separate or join the two segments of the chair for easy lifting. The heaviest segment is only 14 kg for ultra light lifting into the car boot. The DE08 Folding Electric Wheelchairs have all the features of others in the Freedom Chair series as standard.

Two models are currently available. The DE08 Premium Lite with solid 10″ PU rear tyres based on the A08 model, and the DE08L Premium Lite Sport with 12″ pneumatic rear air tyres based on the A08L model.

Please call for more info on: 1300 760 071 or email:



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Our company recently exhibited at the ATSA Independent Living exhibition in Melbourne in conjunction with our Melbourne distributor. It was good to have the opportunity to meet various dealers throughout Victoria and interstate that attended the event. Also Lots of OT’s and end users that took the time to venture over.

There’s no substitute for face to face discussion and the opportunity to showcase our range of  electric folding portable Freedom Chairs, and portable mobility scooters like the popular Luggie Folding Mobility Scooter, and  the Solax Auto Fold scooter. Valuable feedback was garnered especially on the product launch of the new Freedom Chair DE08 Premium Lite. This chair is based on the A08 Premium Chair, with the bonus that the drive mechanism and chair frame can be separated for easier lifting into the car.







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Luggie Mobility Scooter still Unrivalled

Portable scooters come and go but the Luggie Travel Mobility Scooter still endures as the best in the category. In our opinion it is without a shadow of a doubt the best manual folding travel scooter on the market globally. First class quality engineering and design and a durability proven by users world wide.

We keep harping on about it, but the ability to make use of the leverage in the half fold position when loading luggie in the car boot is invaluable.

As a direct luggie importer we guarantee the best deal in Australia on the Luggie Scooter and still offer free delivery direct to your home by courier. We normally have all the colours in stock; red, yellow, blue, black and champagne and of course all of the bona fide Luggie accessories.

Call us on: 1300 760 071 for all your Luggie Scooter requirements.

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Lightest Quality Portable Power Chair Range in Australia

If you’re researching on a portable power chair or electric folding wheelchair the weight is likely to be a big factor. After all it’s not going to be very portable if it’s too heavy to lift. The chair needs to be easy to fold, robust, and light to move around for loading in the car etc. A lot of so called portable power chairs on the market are really too heavy to lift and do the job they’re designed for.

The Freedom Chair range that we stock are the lightest available in Australia. The lightest model is the A07 Lite weighing in at only 19.5kg and can be reduced down further to 13kg by taking the back wheels off (which only takes a few seconds to do). Then we have the A06 Basic at only  21.0kg, this chair is bigger than the A07 bust still very light. Our heavy duty portable power chair is the A08 Premium, a lager chair designed to provide more comfort for the bigger person. But still only 23.5kg in weight.

One of these three models of Freedom Power Chairs will suit virtually anyone that’s looking for a lightweight electric folding wheelchair to take with them when travelling. Easy to fold and easy to go.

Please note our Freedom Power Chairs are TGA registered and we are NDIS ready. Please call us on: 1300 760 071 so we can help.

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Freedom Chair – Lightweight Electric Folding Wheelchairs

Our parent company Ezy Commuter Pty Ltd has been appointed exclusive Australian Distributors for Kunshan Aoshida Electric Technology Co Ltd range of lightweight electric folding wheelchairs. This high quality folding powerchair range under the brand name Freedom Chair Continue reading Freedom Chair – Lightweight Electric Folding Wheelchairs

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Loading The Luggie Scooter In The Car Boot

One of the most common concerns for people conducting research on portable mobility scooters, is whether they can lift the scooter up to load into the car boot, and if it will fit. When you think about it, it really is not surprising because the portable light weight scooter aspect is the reason to purchase a portable mobility scooter in the first place. This is where there is a massive point of difference with Luggie, compared to other folding mobility scooters in the market.

With the Luggie scooter, you can make use of the leverage in the half fold position, meaning you’re effectively lifting half the weight of the mobility scooter.

How To Easily Load The Luggie Scooter Into A Car Boot

  1. Have the chassis extended (not folded), with the tiller folded down and locked into the chassis, with the seat lowered down.
  2. Pick up the front of the Luggie scooter and position it against the lip of the car boot with the end of the Luggie on the ground.
  3. Then, making sure the top of Luggie is wedged over the lip of the car boot, and won’t roll down, lift the end of the Luggie from the ground leveraging the weight and roll it in.

The Luggie is the only portable mobility scooter available where you can do that. Other portables on the market fold in one action, so you’re left having to pick up the dead weight of the scooter. Believe me, this is a very valuable feature unique to Luggie when loading in the car boot on a regular basis.

The other concern; “will it fit in the car boot”? is not an issue due to the compactness of The Luggie when fully folded. Even small hatch backs don’t present a problem and have sufficient room to transport your Luggie scooter.

Below is a picture of a Luggie in the half fold position for reference. In addition check out our videos throughout our website showing demonstrations.

Please call us on: 1300 760 071 so we can answer any questions you have.

folded luggie mobilioty scooter

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New Travel Hard Case Now Available For Our Electric Folding Wheelchairs

We’ve had a hard case purpose designed for the Ezy2Go chair and they are now available for purchase. They are a real boon for travel, as now your light weight folded electric wheelchair can be wheeled along in the travel case with the extra protection the hard case provides. This makes the folding wheelchairs much safer and easier to transport especially if travelling by air. At the moment the travel case is only suitable for the Lite and Premium models, but a case is being developed for the basic wheelchair and will be available soon.

Another new accessory is the drink and phone holder, that is easily mounted on the armrest of the chair.

Each of the lightweight folding electric wheelchairs in the range, are receiving very good feedback and often proving to be life changing for the user.

Please call: 1300 760 071 if you have any questions.