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Lightest Quality Portable Power Chair Range in Australia

If you’re researching on a portable power chair or electric folding wheelchair the weight is likely to be a big factor. After all it’s not going to be very portable if it’s too heavy to lift. The chair needs to be easy to fold, robust, and light to move around for loading in the car etc. A lot of so called portable power chairs on the market are really too heavy to lift and do the job they’re designed for.

The Freedom Chair range that we stock are the lightest available in Australia. The lightest model is the A07 Lite weighing in at only 19.5kg and can be reduced down further to 13kg by taking the back wheels off (which only takes a few seconds to do). Then we have the A06 Basic at only  21.0kg, this chair is bigger than the A07 bust still very light. Our heavy duty portable power chair is the A08 Premium, a lager chair designed to provide more comfort for the bigger person. But still only 23.5kg in weight.

One of these three models of Freedom Power Chairs will suit virtually anyone that’s looking for a lightweight electric folding wheelchair to take with them when travelling. Easy to fold and easy to go.

Please note our Freedom Power Chairs are TGA registered and we are NDIS ready. Please call us on: 1300 760 071 so we can help.