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The Luggie portable mobility scooter is available in four models, they all fold the same way and have the same essential functionality. Standard luggie was the first one in the Luggie series and comes with a lightweight lithium battery, it has a weight capacity of 114kg. The next one released in the series was Luggie Elite, and the main difference is the Elite model has a weight capacity of 145kg, and has extra features compared to the standard model. These extra features include, a slightly bigger seat, more powerful motor, longer range lithium battery, LED battery indicator, extendable handlebars, and armrests. Next in the Luggie series to be released was Eco Luggie. This model is a budget version, with the main difference being Luggie Eco comes with heavier lead acid batteries rather than lightweight lithium batteries. The last in the Luggie series to hit the market is Luggie Super. This model is designed for the heavier person and provides extra comfort and leg room by adding width to the scooter. Luggie Super has a bigger seat, wider fixed handlebars, more powerful motor. It has a weight capacity of 163 kg and comes with armrests and Free accessories.

It’s a good idea to compare the respective specifications of the various Luggie models, while asking yourself a few key questions. First make sure the weight capacity is right for you. Ask yourself do I need armrests, bearing in mind you can always purchase them as an optional extra anytime. With most people the lifting weight of the scooter is very important so it’s usually best to chose a model with a lightweight lithium battery.

If you’re still not sure which Luggie model to chose, why not email us or call us. We’d be glad to help.