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New Atlas 4 Portable Scooter Hoist Arrives

The new Atlas 4 Portable Mobility Hoist has arrived. This amazing lightweight hoist is the only truly highly portable hoist on the market. It can be used in multiple car boots with no modification to the car or permanent fitting required. This means it can be taken with you on holiday for use in a range of vehicles. The Atlas 4 is ideal for lifting your travel mobility scooter or folding power chair into your car. It is compatible with our range of scooters and Freedom Folding Power Chairs. It is also very competitively priced compared to other hoists on the market that require permanent fixing.

The Atlas 4 has a lifting capacity of 40kg.

For more information visit the category section – PORTABLE MOBILITY CAR BOOT HOISTS then click on the Atlas 4 for product description.

The Atlas 4 hoist is available in Australia exclusively through Portable Mobility and approved dealers.

Dealer enquiries welcome.


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