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Freedom Chair Ultrasmart Sport D05 Arrives

The new Freedom Chair Ultrasmart Sport D05 model has arrived. This stylish auto folding electric wheelchair is incredibly smart. Control this electric folding wheelchair remotely and bring the chair to your position, including folding and unfolding function. All using the convenience of your mobile phone.

This stylish high performance folding power chair is the latest addition to the Freedom Chair ever evolving range. Incorporating huge sports suspension, you’ll have the ability to go off road from time to time. Features backrest tilt and footrest adjustability.

Freedom Chair Ultrasmart Sport D05 combines the smartest high-tech features with cool style and high performance.

You’re sure to be impressed!

Check here for more info and specs: Ultrasmart Sport Freedom Chair Auto Fold D05 – Portable Mobility

Or call: 1300 760 071