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New Porta-Scooter Upgrades

The new batch of the top selling Porta-Scooter Folding Travel Mobility Scooters have arrived. They now come standard with longer range 24v 15ah lithium batteries. Airline compliant 24v 10ah batteries are available.

There’s also a new feature. Porta-Scooters are now pre-fitted with a rear basket/kickstand. Apart from providing extra storage space it means the portable mobility scooter can now stand up. A great feature for those with limited space to store the scooter. Another advantage is it also acts as a user aid when leveraging the scooter into the car. As you can simply grab the bar when leveraging in, so you don’t need to bend down as far.

Porta-Scooter is the easiest folding mobility scooter to load into the car. Still comes with a free folding basket and drink holder.

Colours: red, blue, orange, green.