Freedom Chair Premium A08 Plus (with automatic seat tilting function)


This model is the same as the A08 but has the automatic seat tilting function pre-fitted. Just press the button on the joystick to tilt the seat up/down to make it easier to get on/off the chair. Check out the video of this function below. 

These chairs have suspension for a more comfortable ride

Range can be extended up to 45km

*(We sell quality chairs superior in design and popular in the US and UK – beware of cheap inferior quality chairs)

The Freedom Chair Premium A08 Premium Plus is our heavy duty model.

Take these folding power chairs wherever you go. At long last, a highly portable electric wheelchair that’s easy to fold, and is compact and lightweight.

Also included is battery charger, and 24v 10ah battery.

Please note this chair is TGA registered (Therapeutic Goods Administration)

See specifications below.


Freedom Chair Premium A08 Plus (with automatic seat tilting function pre-fitted)

Heavier weight capacity and wider seat for extra comfort.

  • Super easy to fold in a second either way
  • Features curved backrest
  • New double hinge extended footrest
  • Automatic seat tilting option
  • Joy stick can easily be mounted on left or right side of armrest
  • Finger tip intuitive control
  • Extremely compact when fully folded
  • One piece folding design
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • High performance lightweight lithium battery 15 km range
  • Range can easily be extended with a second battery, or third battery using a battery connector
  • Battery easy to recharge using battery charger provided
  • Electromagnetic automatic braking
  • Suspension
  • Adjustable backrest (vertically)
  • Ideal for travel
  • Under seat travel pouch





Specifications: Freedom Chair A08 Premium plus (with actuator for seat tilting function pre-fitted)

Length: 100cm
Width: 60.3cm
Height: 89cm
Folding length: 60.0cm
Folding width: 67cm
Folding height: 32cm
Lithium battery: 24v 10ah
Ground clearance: 6.35cm
Front-wheel: 7’’PU
Real-wheel: 10’’PU
Max weight capacity: 160kg
Net weight without battery: 26KG
Battery weight: 1.6KG
Grade ability: 12°
Speed: 1~7km/hr
Range: 15km 1x battery, 30km 2x batteries, 45km 3x batteries
Seat size: 49.0cm x 44cm
Motors: 250w  ×2 brushless
Brakes: Electromagnetic braking
Anti tips: Yes
Backrest: Adjustable (vertically)                                                                                 Suspension: Yes – 2x front + 2x rear


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