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The Ezy2GO  folding electric wheelchairs are available in three models to suit nearly everyone.

  • Lite chair
  • Basic chair
  • Premium chair

They all have the same essential functionality, fold the same way, and easy to operate. The main difference is the size, and weight capacity. Lite electric folding wheelchair is the most compact and is ideal for the smaller, lighter person. It has the advantage of being able to take the two back wheels with motors off, which only takes a few seconds to do. Obviously this means the lifting weight is greatly reduced to around 12 kg, making it easy to load in the car, etc.

Basic electric folding wheelchair is suitable for the taller person, it has a higher seating position. The weight capacity is 115kg. With a bigger seat and more leg room than the Lite model.

Premium electric folding wheelchair is our heavy duty model, it has a weight capacity of 160 kg. It has a bigger seat than the basic model, more powerful motors, and a vertically extending backrest.

All of these folding power chairs, fold in seconds, have suspension, and light weight lithium batteries. They are all highly portable and great for travel. Range is around 16 km with one battery, but easy to extend the range with an extra battery if need be. These power chairs are super easy to operate and manoeuvre via the joy stick which can be mounted on the right or left armrest. They have a really tight turning circle of the length of the wheelchair.

The Ezy2GO chairs have been programmed to Australian standards.

Please check the respective specification pages, for full specs and model comparisons, and feel free to call or email so we can answer all your questions.

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The Luggie portable mobility scooter is available in four models, they all fold the same way and have the same essential functionality. Standard luggie was the first one in the Luggie series and comes with a lightweight lithium battery, it has a weight capacity of 114kg. The next one released in the series was Luggie Elite, and the main difference is the Elite model has a weight capacity of 145kg, and has extra features compared to the standard model. These extra features include, a slightly bigger seat, more powerful motor, longer range lithium battery, LED battery indicator, extendable handlebars, and armrests. Next in the Luggie series to be released was Eco Luggie. This model is a budget version, with the main difference being Luggie Eco comes with heavier lead acid batteries rather than lightweight lithium batteries. The last in the Luggie series to hit the market is Luggie Super. This model is designed for the heavier person and provides extra comfort and leg room by adding width to the scooter. Luggie Super has a bigger seat, wider fixed handlebars, more powerful motor. It has a weight capacity of 163 kg and comes with armrests and Free accessories.

It’s a good idea to compare the respective specifications of the various Luggie models, while asking yourself a few key questions. First make sure the weight capacity is right for you. Ask yourself do I need armrests, bearing in mind you can always purchase them as an optional extra anytime. With most people the lifting weight of the scooter is very important so it’s usually best to chose a model with a lightweight lithium battery.

If you’re still not sure which Luggie model to chose, why not email us or call us. We’d be glad to help.


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Folding Travel Mobility Solutions At Low Warehouse Direct Prices

We are committed in providing the very best quality portable mobility travel scooters, lightweight electric folding wheelchairs, and electric folding bicycles delivered free to your home. As importers and distributors we run a very streamlined operation, passing substantial savings to our customers with low prices. With free delivery Australia Wide.

We pride ourselves in offering the very best portable mobility device in its class. Such as the Freerider Luggie – the best quality and superior designed electric portable mobility scooter available in the world. Luggie folds in seconds and is ideal for travel.

Lightweight electric folding wheelchairs that are compact, quick and easy to fold. Joy stick can be mounted on the left or right armrest. They come with lightweight lithium batteries that are easy to recharge. Great for travel.

Our Ezy Commuter electric folding bicycle is ideal for anyone that has sufficient balance to ride a bicycle. Arrive at your destination feeling fresh. An easy and fun way to get from A2B.

Our mission is to provide portable mobility solutions that deliver a clear benefit over others available in the market. We won’t just sell something for the sake of it, it has to address a specific need and be superior to what’s currently available.

All of our portable mobility devices can be loaded into the boot of the car and taken with you.